Who are we?

Secondhand Saving Lives, is a network of people, that is dedicated to spend some of their time to help those in need. We are members of a non-profit organization with no limits concerning age, religious belief, nationality or background. 



1.The scout team that enlists and classifies all free equipment contacts hospitals, and related companies. A pickup is arranged.

2.The muscle team handles the pickup and brings the items to our own storage site. 

3. Our investigator team matches the needed items lists that we receive form our website with our stock, and investigate the capabilities of the staff, and what equipment they need to harvest the full potential of their skills. Pictures, video and talks with members of the staff must back up all communication with the hospital manager.

4. A negotiator contacts the local government; present our terms, and looks for an agreement.

5. The logistic team takes over the project and coordinates with our storage, the transporter and the receiver.

6. One SSL person will be located at the receiving hospital upon arrival, documenting that the items are delivered to the right hospital. Personal contacts with the staff are established and they will be our future local members of SSL.


We also encourage the receiving hospital to have direct contact to the donating hospital, so they understand the value of the secondhand equipment, and have e chance to learn from each other.