Assist us

You are welcome to join us. We are looking for some motivated people that can relate to one ore more of the below titles:

1. Scout (looking for free secondhand equipment and register findings)

2. Investigator (matching the needs with the obtained equipment)

3. Negotiator (making the agreement with the local government)

4. Planner (logistics)

5. Local reporter (our eyes in the field)


Send us e-mail or register below, if you feel motivated to handle any of the above.



Join us here: 




You will then recieve a monthly update on activities by e-mail, and you are invited to comment on our BLOG and share/discuss any ideas that will help us achieving our goals.


We are not able to honor your efforts financially, but have faith in that our mutual achievements will provide fine arguments if anybody should ask: “what can an individual do to improve this world?”