Visiting two hospitals in the Philippines
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First steps

SECONDHAND SAVES LIVES is now on the move. It all started in November during a lunch break, where I discussed the opportunities and hurdles with my colleague Eduardo. I already learned from Niels Jacobsen that secondhand equipment is available and that he personally has witnessed the poor hospital conditions in Leyte, Philippines.

We have free equipment that is desperately needed elsewhere, but we still have some hurdles to overcome.  Obviously, the logistics, collecting the items, packing the containers, pre carriage, shipping and inland transport need attention. Our next steps are as follows:

  • First we invite the poorly equipped hospitals to specify their needs (picture and video documentation).
  • Then we match the needs with equipment from the donating hospitals.
  • When the equipment is ready to ship, we specify our terms (to ensure better conditions for the poor patients).
  • When agreement is reached, we approach a transporter with all our documentation; asking them to donate a door to door transport.

Our activities are taking place in some of the world’s most corrupt arrears, why we will stress that this is non-food, no medicine, solely secondhand hospital equipment donated without any money involved, and that the local government is monitoring the shipment. Surely the success of any project that benefits the public will be useful for the politicians/persons that govern the community. Upon the arrival of the shipment, we will visit the hospital, document the presence and use of the donated equipment and ensure that the hospital complies with our agreement.

There are many activities ahead before lives are actually saved.  And managing it all by myself  is not possible, considering that I have full time job and two more projects going on. With these first steps well taken, I invite everybody who can find just a few hours to get this wheel turning. 

Assist us, comment on this blog, and share your ideas and help saving lives.


Brian Boserup