Current Projects


We now have two pilot projects that we run simultaneously. We focus on two public hospitals in the Philippines.

Vicente I Peralta Memorial Hospital 

is located in Castilla, Sorsogon (south of Luzon island). It is the only public hospital in Castilla, covering 34 small villages with a total population of more than 50,000.

This hospital has a very dedicated staff and half of the buildings have recently been renovated.  The capability, however, is very limited due to the lack of equipment. We can make a difference if we upgrade their equipment. We improve the effectiveness of the staff, as they do not have to spend most of their energy solving logistic issues. 

Should the hospital be downgraded, it is no longer a hospital; only a health clinic. They need operation facilities and have to borrow equipment from other hospitals before they can perform operations. If this hospital is downgraded, the budget is cut even more, and they can forget all about doing surgery in the years to come!

They have alreaddy applied for equipment, and we will try to have a shipment ready by December this year. 

Hilongos District Hospital

Hilongos, is a 2nd class municipality, consisting of 51 small communities with a total of 56,000 inhabitants. Most of its inhabitants cannot afford the private hospital, why they look for treatment in the only public hospital in this region, Hilongos District Hospital. 

This hospital has well-educated and well-trained staff, but lacks fundamental equipment for doing their job properly. With better equipment, they can offer better treatment and treat more patients.

We offer to assist this hospital with secondhand equipment that will upgrade their capability. We have now received their application for equipment and expect to have a shipment ready in December. 

In return, the local government needs to guarantee that the supplied equipment is maintained; the poor people can consulted the hospital for free (i.e. not charged for things like gloves and cotton pads and sterile bandages). Free infection control materials will benefit both patients and staff. Medicine bought at the hospital pharmacy must not exceed the prices of the general pharmacies.

Furthermore we need willingness to start a dental program, where kids from 6-13 years can get free dental treatment.